Day 1

Welcome to Day 1


Today is designed to ease you into the fast so there's a little bit more food in this box than days 2-5. Enjoy the nourishment, easy meal preparation and no dishes to wash. ☺


  • Coconut Dream Cranberry Bar 
  • Tomato juice 
  • Green tea


  •  Pistachio nuts
  •  Mixed nuts and 
  •  Ginger kick tea
Enjoy your snacks any time you feel hungry. 
Try to avoid excessive exercise during the day, but if it is unavoidable eat the sweeter snacks after exercise. 
You can eat these in portions throughout the day if it makes it easier for you.



  • Coconut Pumpkin Soup
  • Dried Apricots

(suggestion: you can split lunch and dinner into smaller portions if you wish)


  • Madras Lentils (Do not add any rice)

Remember to drink plenty of water all through the diet and enjoy your day

Before Bed:

  • Sweet Dreams evening tea


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