The FMD / Longevity Diet Plan For Australians - Week 1 - Day 5

Week 1 - Day 5 (Scott's Experiment)


Australian Longevity Diet - Day 5 - Oatmeal

  • Coffee (Espresso or Plunger Coffee)
  • Rolled or Quick Oats (90 g)
  • Almond milk (240 g)
  • Honey (10 g, 2 Tsp)
  • Fresh fruit (e.g. 1 medium banana and 1 kiwi fruit)
Cooking Oats (Porridge)
  1. Cook quick oats as shown on packet (preferably on stove)
  2. Let them cool.
  3. Add honey and fresh fruit.


    Spinach, olives, tomatoes and basil

    The original recipe in The Longevity Diet uses Escarole, but this is difficult to find in Australia. Spinach is a good substitute. 


      • Spinach (150 g)
      • Pine Nuts (9 g, 1 Tbsp)
      • Olive Oil (12 ml, 1 Tbsp)
      • Sun-dried tomatoes (150 g)
      • Basil (5 leaves)
      • Brown bread, toasted (40 g) (on the side)


      1. Boil the spinach
      2. Drain and allow to cool slightly.
      3. Add the olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and basil

      Side dish:

      Fresh carrots (150 g), raw ans seasoned with oil, salt and lemon


      Fresh carrots boiled in water and seasoned with oil, salt and pepper


      Hazelnut milk (1 glass, 240 ml)

        • Unsweetened

      Nut and whole-grain dark chocolate bar.

      Choose a brand that:

        • contains 150 calories,
        • low sugar (less than 8 mg)
        • made with minimum 70% dark chocolate, and
        • no milk


      Octopus with potato 

      Don't substitute octopus for squid, as squid contains more fat and carbohydrates that octopus.


        • Octopus, fresh or frozen (60 g)
        • Potato (1 medium)
        • Cherry tomatoes (150 g)
        • Olives (20 g)
        • Olive Oil (25 ml, 2 Tbsp)
        • Parsley
        • Lemon
        • Salt
        • Brown bread, toasted (40 g)


        1. Boil the octopus and potato in separate saucepans.
        2. Cut the octopus.
        3. Mash the boiled potato in a bowl.
        4. Add the cherry tomatoes, olives and oil.
        5. Season with lemon, parsley and salt

        Side Dish

        Mixed green salad with cucumber, tomatoes and carrots, seasons with balsamic vinegar (200 g)

        Suggested Desert

        Cherries (50 g) or dried cranberries (20 g) and almonds (25 g)


        Please let us know (in the comments section) about any errors or omissions, how to improve the recipes, what you did to improve them, or anything else that you feel would be useful to others on the Longevity Diet Plan.

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