Box Changes

With no significant changes to the boxes since 2016, we are very excited to share a number of changes to the range of products supplied in each 5 Box fast.

Obviously the overarching criteria is adherence to the macronutrient ratios identified by Dr Longo's research. You can view this data here.

Some of the changes are:

  • An overall increase in the amount complex carbohydrates and a reduction in refined sugars. In the new boxes 50% of carbohydrates are derived from sugars, which is still much higher than we would like. Unfortunately, providing carbs is a delicate balance between maintaining the ratio, taste, shelf life and 'empty calories' (sugars). We will, however, continue to refine our recipe and reduce this figure further. 
  • More nuts and the introduction of dried fruit. Customers have asked for more nuts, dried fruit and the inclusion of olives. We are very happy to report that with the recent changes we have been able to include pistachios, olives and a small amount of dried apricots. This provides a lot more variety and allows for these snacks to be more easily mixed into the meals and/or consumed throughout the day. 
  • Gluten free now standard. Our gluten free option has become the most popular option since it was introduced 2 years ago. With the recent changes we have decided to make gluten free our standard offering. From Monday, March 22, we will only be offer a single gluten free product. This will result in a slight increase in price, however, it is a minority of customers who will be inconvenienced by this change.
  • More biodegradable packaging. We understand that sending out pre-packaged food is not ideal for the environment, so we have been working to choose products that are packaged in biodegradable packaging. For instance, We have been able to increase the number of kitz snack bars. Not only is the Kitz range 100% plant-based, great tasting, but that are all packaged in 100% biodegradable plastic. In fact 76% of the packaging that we send out is biodegradable. That is, it is either paper, cardboard or biodegradable plastic.

We will continue to refine the products that we include in the boxes. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the fast, we'd love to hear from you.

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  • Lisa

    can you pls make it clearer on your main web page that gluten free is now standard – this is not clear you might miss sales

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