Starved for five days and he'd do it again



Valter Longo Fasting Mimicking Diet

A regular 5 Box customer, Jake Waters, has written an excellent account of his first Fast Mimicking Diet experience, which he completed early last year.

Jake provides an easy to understand overview of what the Fast Mimicking Diet is, what it does and how it affected his mind and body.

In his words:

"I like to think of it as starving the lazy...cells out of the body and growing a fresh bunch who are a wide-eyed, naive and enthusiastic to do what I tell them."

He compares the Keto Diet (which he previously completed) and 5 Box's Fast Mimicking Diet. He gives an insight into his experience and the results he achieved. Jake also makes some suggestions for those contemplating either diet.

"If you want to throw a curve-ball at your body and challenge your mind + body, definitely give the Fast Mimicking Diet a try."

Jakes 5 Box Review

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