Craig's Five Day Fast 

 5 Box team member Craig wrote the following blog the first time he undertook the 5 Box Fast Mimicking Diet.

Day 1


I'm a 5 cup a day coffee addict so I wasn't looking forward to not having one this morning but looking forward to giving my habit a rest. The coconut green tea was quite nice though and the juice and macadamia bar were fairly light so I wasn't too bad.
The calorie allowance on the first (easing) day is higher than the rest so I found it extremely easy until later that night... I'm a night owl and I didn't save any of my snacks for after dinner. I'm used to eating ice cream or other snacks at night that I wasn't prepared for how hungry I would get. Lesson learned!


Day 2


Day 2 is supposed to be the hard day. Having never dieted in any way before I was curious to see if I had the discipline. It wasn't too hard with some really nice meals and snacks in today's box. I nibbled on my snacks today so it was a lot easier at night. 


Day 3


Definitely an easier day today. Although intense exercise is not recommended on the diet I am 13 weeks post ACL surgery and the rehab I've chosen is intense (1 hour of weights, cycling etc. every day), so I have been hitting the gym every day. I've been saving my sweeter snacks for after and it's been working pretty well so far.
I had the weirdest feeling in the shower tonight whilst washing my face though - my skin had all of a sudden become super soft and didn't even feel like my own face. I'd heard of this but didn't really expect it to be so dramatic (I'm 40 and have spent my life in the surf and sun).


Day 4


Really starting to enjoy the diet now. Feeling really alive and rejuvenated. It's a weird feeling, there's like a bit of a brain fog (apparently caused by your brain burning fat instead of glucose for fuel) but at the same time your thinking clearly and able to perform work really well. I've have heaps of energy too, I haven't felt tired the whole week (works been fairly busy so that's a good thing) I decided to do some extra weights and went for a run after my rehab at the gym today as I was feeling so good.


Day 5


Woke up feeling a bit flat today, I think all that exercise yesterday was definitely a bad idea. I feel like I've run out of body fat and cells for my brain to consume (I'm super skinny and really fit at the moment after daily rehab and lots of exercise as I'm trying to get back to surfing). Noticed fat has disappeared from parts of my body that I didn't know had fat. My muscles appeared to have stayed the same though and are looking super defined. Felt pretty hungry most of the day today though, I'm definitely regretting that extra workout and decided to skip the gym today. My mind is still working overtime though and I have plenty of energy.


Day 6 (After the diet)


Actually woke up feeling really good today. As I slowly started increasing my food intake I started to feel totally rejuvenated. I felt a real energy and positivity that I hadn't felt in years. My brain feels like it's 18 again, really sharp and I'm seeing things with a lucidity I had forgotten about. I can't believe a diet could actually do this to you. I'm definitely sold on this and looking forward to doing it again, it is an amazing experience that everyone needs to try once. 
Im a super skinny but really fit person, I've got a six pack and what felt like next to no fat so was pretty concerned about losing too much muscle mass. My weight dropped from 73 kg (an all time low for me) to 71.5 kg. This would normally concern me being that light but it definitely seems to be mainly fat that I've lost. I really don't appear to have lost any muscle mass but there was obviously fat in places I never knew as the definition of my (skinny) muscles is crazy now.


One Week Later


I weighed myself this morning and the weight has stayed off as I am exactly 71.5 still. My brain still feels so sharp and I've got so much energy and am feeling really motivated . I'm sleeping better than I have in years and I'm waking up earlier (I'm a shocking late riser and have never been a morning person) and feeling better. I've kicked my coffee habit too - I'm having one in the morning and maybe one after that but I don't feel like I need any of them with the energy I've got. I'm actually drinking some non caffeinated teas now! I wouldn't have thought fast mimicking (or any diet for that matter) would have been for me but I can honestly say it's one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. Even though the physical aspect has worked well it's the mental one that has shocked me the most. It's like I've bought myself a new brain!