Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the box?

Each days pack contains a different selection of ready to eat meals, soups, teas and snacks. There is plenty of variety provided with meals including dahl and quinoa, soups including miso, lentil and vegetable tagine as well as snacks including fruit and nut bars, seed and nut bars and pressed vegetable chips. 

Shipping and Delivery

We ship all over Australia for FREE.

Usual shipping times: 

2-4 Days: Packing and Handling.

2-5 Days: depending on your location. Unfortunately we cannot deliver to a PO Box at this time. Delivery is to your door (with Tracking ID to track all orders)

Total shipping times may vary depending on your destination. To see the complete shipping policy click here.  All orders come with a live tracking number to ensure prompt delivery and peace of mind. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer service.

International shipping is available on request. Please contact us for special orders as customers are responsible for any legal fees by customs at their destination.


Can I still drink coffee on 5 Box?

5 Box comes with a green tea you can substitute for your morning coffee. To get the full effects of the diet it is recommended that you don't consume coffee BUT if you really need that first coffee in the morning then you can have one cup with no sugar or milk.  

What happens if I break the fast by eating something extra, do I have to start again?

If you do eat something extra just continue with the fast rather than start again. It won't be as effective but it's not the end of the world.

Can I take my regular medication?

Yes you should take your regular medication as usual but you should always consult your doctor before undertaking the diet. Vitamins and other supplements WILL interfere with the effectiveness of the diet.

How often should I use 5 Box FMD? 

How often you undertake a fast mimicking diet depends on your age, general health and other factors. A good general guideline is if you are very fit, healthy and have low blood sugar levels you may only need to fast once every 6 months. If you have average health and fitness levels 3 to 4 times a year is recommended. For someone who is overweight or obese, has a hereditary risk of cancer, high risk factors for heart disease, diabetes or dementia, once a month is recommended with doctors supervision.

Can I still exercise on 5 Box FMD?

Intense exercise is NOT recommended whilst you are undertaking fast mimicking. Just think of it as a great excuse to have a few days off, you're doing your body the world of good anyway. Walking and moderate exercise is okay though, but doing too much will just make you hungry and increase your chances of breaking the diet.
We suggest making strenuous work appointments away from your 5Box days. You will have days where you feel slightly weak or on day one or two you may have caffeine withdrawal symptoms such as headache or brain fog.

How hungry will I feel?

Although fast mimicking boasts very high completion rates, individuals responses to the diet vary greatly. Some people will find it very easy and not even need to eat all of the food provided, whereas others may struggle and feel hungry from start to finish. Fast mimicking generally gets easier each time it is undertaken. 

What should I eat after finishing the diet?

After finishing the diet you should gradually return to the amount of calories you would normally consume over the course of the first 24 hours. Choose easy to digest foods such as soups or stews. Resist any urges to eat unhealthy foods as your body is now growing new cells so you should provide them with the appropriate nutrition. 

Is the diet gluten free?

We have a gluten free option. The gluten free boxes have some slightly different foods included are packed as your order is received. Therefore they are slightly more expensive. They are available here.

I have other food allergies?

Just contact us and we can let you know if 5 Box is suitable. Unfortunately for people with nut and seed allergies the diet is not suitable as it contains lots of nut products. Some products may contain fish and mushrooms which maybe swapped out (this may alter the ratios of the meal plan) if we are advised in the note or special instructions section of your shopping cart. Special orders may take longer for delivery. 

How long does it take for delivery?

We use WizMe Courier Services with tracking and signature on delivery. Delivery times vary from around 1-6 business days depending on your location (we are based in Queensland Australia). You will receive a confirmation email with your tracking number as soon as your package has been sent. 

Who should NOT attempt the 5 Box FMD?

Doctors, including Longo, advise against fasting if you’re pregnant, a diabetic, on certain medications, or generally in poor health.  

How do I break the fast/transition diet?

For 24 hours following the end of the five-day fast you should follow a diet based on complex carbohydrates, such as:
    • Vegetables,
    • Cereals,
    • Pasta,
    • Rice,
    • Bread,
    • Fruit, etc
You should minimize the consumption of the following:
    • Fish
    • Meat
    • Saturated Fats,
    • Pastries, 
    • Cheeses,
    • Milk, etc

Recipes from the two week meal plan contained in Appendix A of Valter Longo's book The Longevity Diet are a great way to transition from the 5 Box FMD to your normal diet. These recipes are also a great way to maintain a healthy diet that will promote a long, healthy life. 

What do I do to resume normal eating after 5 Box FMD?

We recommend a pescatarian diet, combining salmon or other fish two or three times a week with otherwise primarily vegan meals, all eaten within a 12-hour window (for instance, between 8 A.M. and 8 P.M.). 

Is the diet like Prolon?

The 5 Box meal plan is very similar to the Prolon version. 
It is a convenient way to perform the fast mimicking diet at home using great tasting, ready-to-eat foods. The meal plan conforms to the exact same ratios identified by Professor Longo in his research. 
While the two diets share many of the same ingredients, the foods we use to mimic fasting are different. We supply natural (organic, where possible) Australian made, plant-based foods including:
    • Ready-to-eat meals, 
    • Soups, 
    • Snack bars, 
    • Nuts, 
    • Teas, 
    • Biscuits and 
    • Other food products familiar to Australian customers. 
Prolon provides a glucose drink tailored to your height and weight. The drink is used to regulate the protein, fat and carbohydrate ratio. We achieve the optimum ratio using the food alone.

Preparation for receiving a 5 Box

Some 5 Boxers like to have their blood tests taken prior and also just to check in with their doctor to make sure everyone is on the same page in relation to their health.

Before your 5 Box arrives stock up the ice in the fridge. You may want to make some of the teas into ice teas.  Also when your box arrives if you like your vegetable juice chilled remove them and place them in the refrigerator. 
Delay your appointments for the 5 days - if there is anything you can reschedule put off or simply do another time, then we suggest you make it a light week for yourself. It makes sticking to the program easier.
Habits also die hard so if there are any sneaky snacks or items in the refrigerator that you can freeze so you won't be tempted we suggest you do so. Some people even tie a ribbon around the pantry door to remind them they are 5 Boxing. 

Some 5 Boxers also split the soups into 2 meals to delay the feeling of being ready for the next meal too early.
It does take a lot of mental preparation to get yourself in the zone so we suggest reading a really great book that will keep your mind occupied throughout the 5 Box journey.