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Fasting but with the benefit of food.

The life changing diet. 

What people are saying

"Found this really easy to follow and the benefits are great - I lost weight around the middle, found renewed energy and my skin became soft as a baby's. Will definitely make this part of my ongoing self care."  - Louise Downe


"I’ve just finished my first cycle and I’m feeling great! I lost 1.6kg....and I’m planning on doing this regularly for a kick start ☺️"  - Fiona Shearer 

Designed to mimic the effects of fasting

The Fast Mimicking Diet is designed to mimic the effects of fasting on your body while providing essential nutrients to nourish you through the process. 5 BOX is delivered to your door conveniently packaged into a box for each day's diet.

Studies have shown that a scientifically balanced fast mimicking diet can slow down the mental and physical effects of ageing, aid in disease prevention and reduce stomach fat and inflammation.  Watch ABC television's Catalyst story to see the science behind the diet.

Various  studies claim that a fast mimicking diet can help to prevent cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and alzheimer's, the four major risk factors associated with ageing. The studies also show that a fast mimicking diet can help with weight loss by reducing visceral (tummy) fat without losing (and sometimes even gaining) lean muscle mass. Participants on a 5 Box diet also recorded gains in cognitive ability, with many users of 5 Box diet are reporting that their brains felt like they were in overdrive and complex problems became a breeze. 

Learn about the research

Sounds to good to be true right? Unlike every fad diet before it, the fast mimicking diet is based on actual science.
Further to this, 5 BOX Diet can empower you to change your relationship with food by helping to decondition you from negative eating habits picked up throughout your life (from media advertising and poorly designed foods). Choosing 5 BOX can become a truly life changing experience. 

Try the Fast Mimicking Diet Yourself

5 BOX comes conveniently packaged into a box for each day's diet. Just pick up the box and go! Get 5 Box delivered to your door NOW