Fast Weight Loss with the Fast Mimicking Diet

Fast weight loss

All of the benefits of fasting, while still eating

Based on ground-breaking research, the 5-day Fast Mimicking Diet is a calorie restricted diet that mimics the effects of fasting, while providing it with an enhancing nutrient profile. 

While the diet brings on the many health benefits of fasting, a beneficial side-effect is immediate weight loss often with increased muscle development as well. Other benefits of the Fast Mimicking Diet include:

    • Weight loss around the middle (normally 1-4 kgs over the 4 days)
    • Healthier feeling skin
    • A feeling of rejuvenation and positiveness
    • A reduction of inflammation and the hormones associated with ageing

What people are saying

​"Found this really easy to follow and the benefits are great - I lost weight around the middle, found renewed energy and my skin became soft as a baby's. Will definitely make this part of my ongoing self care."  - Louise Downe "I’ve just finished my first cycle and I’m feeling great! I lost 1.6 kg....and I’m planning on doing this regularly for a kick start ☺️" - Fiona Shearer​ 


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