Here's some inspiration and further reading in case you're finding it a bit of a struggle...

Fasting Mimicking Inspiration


Fasting Inspiration


Here's an interesting link to a blog of a 6 day water only fast. Fasting mimicking seems really easy compared to the extreme nature of this. There are some parallels and some great insights into some of fasting's benefits that you will notice with the mimicking diet. Fortunately 5 Box provides the sustenance your body needs so you won't get the negative affects associated with the lack of nourishment that occurs during a water only fast.


Diet Inspiration


If your willpower is really low, here's a link to a girl undertaking a 21 day water only fast. It's a very large blog but there is some really profound reading here about someone  who has completely transformed her life through a single dieting experience.



Here's a page outlining the many benefits of fasting. It is hardly the most scientific page on the internet, but it does give a good list of the benefits you can achieve with fasting mimicking