Fasting but with the benefit of food.

The life changing diet. 

What people are saying

"Found this really easy to follow and the benefits are great - I lost weight around the middle, found renewed energy and my skin became soft as a baby's. Will definitely make this part of my ongoing self care."  - Louise Downe


"I’ve just finished my first cycle and I’m feeling great! I lost 1.6 kg....and I’m planning on doing this regularly for a kick start ☺️" Fiona Shearer 

The Fast Mimicking Diet is a low protein vegetable based diet that's high in natural plant based fats. It is a calorie restricted diet that mimics the effects of fasting on the body whilst providing it with an enhancing nutrient profile.The food plan relies on the ground breaking longevity research and is designed to force the body to shed the excess cells (including immune and mast cells) and provide nourishment for their renewal. The diet helps to reverse the unwanted effects of a Western diet that is high in animal based proteins that actually accelerate the ageing process. Fast mimicking has been shown to result in the reduction of inflammation and the hormones associated with ageing.
The design of the diet dictates that day 1 (the easing day) has higher amounts of protein, fats, carbohydrates and calories (1090 calories) than days 2-5 (725 calories). Many people experience a strange sensation as the brain starts consuming fat instead of glucose for fuel. Most people who undertake fast mimicking wind up feeling completely rejuvenated and most can't believe that a simple diet can make you feel that way.
It's like finding a loophole in life!


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