Eat Fast and Die Young


Lunch on a 5 Box FMD Fasting Mimicking Diet


Scientific studies into a diet that tricks your body into thinking that it's fasting have shown massive benefits in slowing aging and preventing disease. Known as the Fasting Mimicking Diet or FMD, the diet is being used to help prevent cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimers, the four major risk factors associated with aging.

The 5 day plant based diet is surprisingly low in protein and high in vegetable based fats. The scientists behind the diet claim that a Western diet that is high in animal based protein actually accelerates the aging process as it can cause an excess of the growth hormone IGF-1. The diet works by causing your body to shed unwanted cells and forcing it to develop new ones, lowering IGF-1 and blood sugar levels in the process. Fasting mimicking has superficial benefits too, as the diet targets visceral (tummy) fat without reducing lean muscle mass. Participants undertaking fasting mimicking also claimed their skin looked and felt softer, their energy levels increased and their thinking became much clearer.

The best news is that unlike conventional diets and fasting plans, FMD only needs to be done a few times a year. For anyone wanting to give the diet a try (and why wouldn't you!) you're in luck, a new Australian owned business known as 5 BOX FMD can deliver a 5 day Fasting Mimicking Diet pack straight to your door. For more information you can find them at




Obesity is one of the leading causes of disease in Western society with weight loss being a constant preoccupation of many. The problem with the majority of weigh loss diets is that people are unable to incorporate them into their everyday lives. The multi billion dollar dieting industry is built on people continuously failing the diets that are available.  However, participants on a Fasting Mimicking Diet have been shown to have a compliance rate of around 95%. Professor Valter Longo, the inventor of the diet believes there is no point having a diet that people find too difficult to stick to. Most people only need to do the 5 day low protein diet 2-4 times per year, making it easy to incorporate into their everyday lives. 

Professor Longo believes that calorie restricted diets just aren't sustainable long term, with virtually all showing incredibly low long term compliance rates. The popular 5:2 diet has shown to have several health benefits but the body doesn't switch into ketogenic mode as it does during fasting mimicking. When the body reaches a ketogenic state (after the second day of fasting mimicking) the brain starts burning fat instead of glucose for fuel. This not only helps to reduce visceral (tummy) fat, it also causes the body to start shedding excess cells and forces it to develop new ones.

Many users of the diet also reported being less hungry after they had completed the 5 day cycle as their addictions to eating poorly designed foods had been broken, setting them naturally on a path to healthier eating. Fasting Mimicking has also shown to have a huge number of benefits relating to disease prevention, improving cancer treatment, and gains in cognitive ability.

5 Box FMD is an Australian owned business that delivers a conveniently packaged and great tasting version of the diet straight to your door. You can find them at